Itsuki no komoriuta


does somebody know where to find the lyrics and a shamisen notation for that beautiful song?


Hey Kay

I quickly googled, and found the following:

  • Lyrics on Wikipedia: Search for “Itsuki Lullaby”
  • Ten Ten’s Recording of the Song:
  • Some Tabs, altough I’m not sure they’re correct, and they are not the same as Ten Ten’s Version (Please note they are in San-Sagari):

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dear andreas,

thanks a lot for your reply! could you please tell me how to tune the strings in the linked tabs? i have not much experience in reading it … i found a book at ebay with a lot of tabs including itsuki lullaby. it’ll probably take some time to come here but i’m really looking forward to it.

with kind regards



Hi all!

@Andreas_Tellenbach, I’m not sure why more than 2 links can’t be posted directly. @Luke, any thoughts?

Regarding tuning, this article I made about the three tunings might be helpful. :slight_smile: >> How to Tune the Shamisen

While it’s not necessarily in the same key as the video, it shows how to make the correct distance between the string pitches for each tuning.


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Ah, got it!
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