Jamie Low = Fantastic Tai Kai solo!


Most of us did not get to run up to Jamie Low after his Solo performance to shower him with hugs and words like “great job!” and “Fantastic!” and such…
HOWEVER , We did in fact cheer him on from a far! Here is just a short segment of Jamie’s Awesome performance at the 2014 tai Kai ! Plus proof that he was not as alone as he might have thought ! We were all glued to the tiny little screen the whole time!


With unmatched kakegoe that will ring out throughout the centuries being spoken of well beyond the forthcoming generations!


Yeah! Awesome!


Yeah… not bad for a gaijin! ha ha. Jamie was sat opposite me on deathrow and we had a nice chat beforehand :slight_smile:


Death row, haha. Aw come on, it wasn’t that bad.

Lovin’ the love. I also love how you decided to all crouch down rather than putting it up on a table or something.


That time everyone was worried about the time coz our bus arrived at hotel around 16:45 and not enough time to see if practice starts at 17:00, so Nitta-San decided to start from 17:30. Was good we were able to cheer him up all together:)



Check it out people, the official webpage has pics n stuff.




Nice catch Josh!


Watched myself on the ustream channel again, and man, Linda was right. It really does look like I’m talking to myself when I’m playing. I need to cut that shit out.