JapoScore MuseScore Plugin

For those interested in making notation, I found this today:

If I understand correctly, this software was initially developed for Shakuhachi notation and then expanded to koto and shamisen. It produces notation mainly in the Japanese traditional right-to-left vertical format, however I think bunkafu might be an option based on a screenshot on the back of the catalog: http://japoscore.fluteywinds.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/JapoScoreFlyerBack.pdf

Here’s the English handbook:

Bunkafu notation confirmed (see lower left of screenshot). :slightly_smiling_face:


I try to numerise all the handwritted tab sheets I did, Japoscore is quit nice but I have a problem.
When I import a file from MuseScore, the notes appear has a square (which means that I don’t have the good font).
I installed the japoscorestaff font provided but it doesn’t work. :confused:
I searched for solutions but found nothing.

If someone has a solution, I would be glad to know it.
Or if someone has a better solution than MuseScore/JapoScore to make tab sheets. I tried Lilypond but I don’t really understand how it work, it seems that you have to “code” or something, which is something I don’t want to spent to much time. (I wish Karl still has his solution " Shamisen Composer" online)


Hi David ! I may be wrong, but I do everything in musescore and don’t need to import that elsewhere. Works fine. What’s wrong for you ?

Salut Patrick :smiley:

when I use only musescore I don’t have the tabs or the shamisen, even when I select shamisen tab. That’s why try to use plugins.
A question about musescore :
Do you manage to add indications as sukui,suberi, hajiki, etc… in musescore?

Hello David. You must try to find in the forum the good version of musescore. Everything is ok for me. All the text lines allow you to add hajiki, suberi, etc…

OOOOOOOK ! Many thanks :slight_smile:
Which version do you have ? (I have the

Try this link : Musescore Shamisen Font

Pls let me know. Tiens moi au courant, stp !