Jiuta workshop at berlin on saturday, august 18

there’s a jiuta workshop at the leo-kerstenberg-musikschule in berlin next saturday. it runs from 13.00 to 15.00 and presents 3 classical songs - kurokami, tsuru no koe and yugao. i can post a link to the preview information if someone is interested in it.

Hi @Kay_Kraschewski
Does this Jiuta workshop happen every year?
If so, I might be interested in learning more :slight_smile:

dear emilia,

i don’t know if they will hold another jiuta-workshop there. if you’re able to play shamisen and if you live at berlin (or somewhere close to) try to get in contact with shamisen berlin. their workshops are probably more helpful. unfortunately nor for me 'cause my skills are too low to join with any success … shamisen berlin has an own facebook account and a website, too.

with kind regards


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Thank you for the information!!

-lives in berlin
-has nothing to do on sundays
-reads that post a year too late