Jonkara Onnabushi Notation

do someone have the notation of Jonkara OnnaBushi by Yoko Nagayama??
I really want to try to play this piece because we have to perform it with singing at school…

hmm i’ve never even heard of that one :smiley: waiting forward to hearing it and seeing the notation.
Kyle, Kevin, Grant? anyone know something?

I hadn’t heard of this song either, so I looked into it, and it turns out that it’s not folk music, it’s enka. A lot of enka have lyrics about northern Japan, and several incorporate the Tsugaru shamisen in some way. I looked Nagayama Yoko up on Wikipedia, and it turns out she was a pop idol in the 80s, then turned to enka in the early 90s. She released the piece “Onna jonkara bushi” (Woman’s jonkara busihi) in 2003, which was right in the middle of the most recent Tsugaru shamisen boom.

Here’s a live performance with two well-known Tsugaru players, Sawada Katsuharu and Sawada Katsunari:

And another with Fujiwara Douzan, who in some ways has done for the shakuhachi what the Yoshida Brothers did for Tsugaru shamisen:

Here’s the studio version:

As far as notation, the shamisen part is really just a standard jongara solo, so you could fit any version of jongara in to the solo slots in the song. The rest of the song is better done with western instrumentation, as in the versions above.

Gerry nailed it once again. You are an astonishing man Gerry :smiley:

Thank you for you engagement!! Too bad that you cant find the notation

Do you have the jongara solo tabs? In the iroha notation or any format? Thanks