Kameya Nagauta shamisen


I’m considering buying the beginner Nagauta shamisen from Kameya. This would be my first shamisen. I tried finding a cheaper shamisen to start but wasn’t very successful. I’m also not enough knowledgable to buy a used one - very scared of buying something that will turn out broken or in need of a new skin.
Any comments or reviews on this shamisen?


Do you have a link to an instrument you mean? A google search unfortunately doesn’t show up anything haha (my japanese skills=non-existent)


I went ahead and bought it - Nagauta Karin:
Let’s hope for the best!


Looks very nice! The shop seems reliable too and, looking at the price, I think you made quite a good deal haha
I’m sure you know that you can’t play any notes higher than 18 on Nagautas tho (that’s what surprised me at least *cough *)


Didn’t know that - this will be my first instrument. Goal is to get used to the instrument so I’m sure it won’t be a problem