Kita no Hibiki: Hiroshi Nitta and Kyle Abbott

It was a chilly day in Sapporo, so Hiroshi Nitta and I decided to bring the heat with Kita no Hibiki!

Filmed by Nitta san’s student, who’s son is a professional ballet dancer. What’s more? I ate Soup Curry at 4am!

Ahh watching this first thing in the morning felt good!

What i found interesting though is that Kyle let the tones ring and didn’t mute them the way i’ve seen Mike Penny and some others do…
And you weren’t synced at all times but no matter, he’s probably changed some parts a little. Thus having a bit different version than the one Kyle plays?

But hey!
Great playing!!

This is some serious great playing hold on I gotta make another espresso (why am I thinking of that now)

Awesome!! Thanks for sharing!

Ortjo: Meh, as long as the melody is close, the dynamics aren’t set in stone. :wink:

BH: I just had my first espresso today since coming back. I’d hope that combined with metal would cure my jet lag, but I’m still super tired. An average of 4 hours of sleep per day for a month needs to be repaid, I guess.

Inspiring stuff - helps me practicing past the discomfort in the fingers!

How is your playing going, Scott? Is there discomfort in your bachi hand or left hand?

Btw, nice profile pic! Are you getting her into shamisen as well? :wink:


Paco: I know, a very fine espresso indeed! :slight_smile:

Does anyone know where I can buy Kita no Hibiki score tab, as a pdf. file, as can only find score tab with many songs so it just easily get expensive. Thank you?