recently i found a link to this article somewhere in the web: http://www.chinapost.com.tw/asia/japan/2016/02/01/457480/p2/craftsman-in.htm
does somebody know the craftsman and his “shabo” personally? i’d be interested in the price of the instrument and where to get one online. if there’s probably no online source, the adress of the workshop could be helpful, too …


It’s a bid hard to find data on the 小じゃみちんとん.

Although that article (or one of the few copies of it floating around on other sites) says it’s priced at ~3000 yen, I haven’t found anything corroborating that.

I have found mention of a pop-up store on the e-kameya blog. There, it (at least one model) was sold for 10800 yen.

Further searching just leads me to Hamatani-sensei’s website, Shamisen Rakuya.


Is Hamatani a seller? A craftman/woman?


Hamatani-sensei is a professional shamisen and sanshin player, he also sells instruments and does repair work in Toyama Prefecture.

Also, he’s a really nice guy.


recently i found this site: https://tokyoteshigoto.tokyo/en/archives/studios/sangenshikikuoka
there’s the postal adress of master kono’s workshop and a website-link, too …


a dear friend of mine bought me a kojami chintone right at the workshop of master kono and at the end of this month i will know how it sounds … i’m quite curious about that.


i got my “baby-shamisen” last weekend. it looks like a toy but sounds quite interesting. i would post a sound-example if i could play at least a simple song properly …


if somebody is interested in how the k.c. sounds like, here’s link to a humble sound-example - two parts of the bachido based version of “sakura, sakura”, played with a selfmade shinobi koma (german oak): https://flic.kr/p/23W6G4A


i don’t know if there’s somebody interested in this thread at all, but i produced a small series of shinobi koma for my baby shamisen from common hornbeam, cherry tree and florida cedar: https://flic.kr/p/22EaePk