Kouki tsugaru shamisen set for sale


So I’m just playing with the idea of selling my shamisen set. I really need money to buy a better biwa. I just think that going forward biwa will be a bigger part of my life. This shamisen is in mint condition. I bought it on this site. Nitta-san picked it out for me. It’s really an awesome set. i remember when I bought it I was about to buy something from the chuko store that I wasn’t entirely thrilled with. Then Kyle wrote to me that Nitta had a set for me and it was stunning. It plays so well too! I’m not really a motivated seller at this point. I’m more just seeing what interest there might be. It was used when I bought it. I spent right around $5,000 for the whole set, so I will sell it for around that. I’m open to offers. Please DM to make an offer. The specs of the set are as follows:
dog skin intact
kouki wood 3 piece neck
azuma sawari
pad for resting on leg
matching leather cap and forearm cover
faux bekkou bachi
lots of extra strings
3 types of bridge - bone, bamboo, and zebrawood
cloth and paper bag for the dou
hard case