I was wondering if anyone had any kouta they are willing to share. I would like to learn some songs.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I can’t share any notation because I don’t really see any anywhere, but it’s actually really easy to play Kouta by ear. You just gotta be familiarised with the Hirajoshi scale. (C D D# G G#). Then, just listen closely to songs such as the aptly named Gion Kouta, and practice! I hope I helped you some

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Hello Chloe,
I have some minyo scores I can scan pictures of, if they are any use to you? (Soran bushi, yamanaka bushi, Kagoshima o-hara bushi, kojo no tsuki, sakura sakura, O Edo Nihon-bashi, Gion kouta).

I am happy to have anything really! Thank you very much :slight_smile:
I do not need Sakura or O Edo however, I have those.

Hello Chloe, sorry for the delay, but I can’t seem to attach pictures to Bachido posts??? Am I missing something obvious?

It is on the side next to the post under Formatting Cheat Sheet. If that does not work, send to my email at calsaver@gmail.com

Hey Chloe and Michael, any update about those kouta notation? It would be awesome to try. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Chloe, sorry for the delay, Alex’s post prompted me to try again, I just couldn’t find the ‘Formatting…’ buttons you mentioned, (as they don’t appear until you type something into the post box. I’ll attach ‘kojo no tsuki’ as a test and if it comes through ok let me know and I’ll attach more (I promise more quickly).

if i may reactivate this topic i would like to ask if someone tried to play this scanned tab of michael? i did but cannot say that it sounds well. compared with different versions of kojo no tsuki heard at youtube there’s something wrong … are there other tabs for this song available - may be in a book i could buy?

Hello Kay, yes it is correct. This is a traditional notation.

Here is it played (roughly) starting at about 0.35 seconds, per that notation.

Here is a stylised version, but same notes.

There are two slightly different versions, with just one note changed from sharp to natural, (in the second bar), so maybe it was this version you have previously heard?

thank you for that fast reply, michael! the way you play the notes sounds right but if i try there’s just a terrible disorder …

Are you in Hon-choshi tuning? this notation is for that tuning. Try the strings tuned to B - E - B and see if that works.

no, usually i’m in the niagari tuning. soon i’ll try the hon-choshi with the ruined castle … thanks for your kind help! and - by the way - take my congratulation for winning the yesterday’s soccer match!

the tuning was the problem and so i’m able to play this song yet. not fluently but i think i am on a right way. thanks a lot, michael, for your kind advice!

Kay, do you know Gion Kouta?

i’ve heard and like it, got a tab from a kind person but i’m still not able to play it … why do you ask?