Kurokami score


Hello people!
I’m new here.
I study tsugaru for a couple of months
Just got a bit familiar with the instrument and jongara bushi.
Does anyone have a tsugaru notation for Kurokami.
I have an oportunity to play this piece with a kokyu player


Hello there, welcome.

Kurokami is a Jiuta piece, if I’m not mistaken. A quick search on the web pulled up a partial notation (that I’m not sure I can post here).

Googling 黒髪地唄譜面 should bring it up, if you’re inclined to poke around.

You can also purchase a score at the Kameya webshop


It should be contained in the 600 Yen (648 yen after tax) option, along with some other jiuta pieces.

If you’d prefer to play it by ear:


I am not sure what you mean by tsugaru notation. Some jiuta notation is written with katakana and kanji, so make sure you can read what you are getting! I found this bunkafu version:


Good luck!

edit: I took another look at that link. On the screen, some bits are missing. Maybe a printout would be okay? I don’t know. I second the recommendation to use Kameya. You can e-mail to ask about the notation style.


Thaks for the advice!
I’m not familiar with jiuta notation.
The question was more about tabs.
I ment the style of tabs that are used in tsugaru books



Shamisen music usually written in a few different styles.

What you are calling “Tsugaru notation” is usually called Bunkafu. It is used in all shamisen genres and is relatively modern (dating back to 1922!).

Jiuta also uses a kind of vertical sheet music - I’m not actually sure of the specific name. I suppose I could get in touch with one of my Jiuta acquaintances if you’re curious though. It significantly predates Bunkafu.

Western notation is also utilized.

If you take a look on this page, you’ll see an example of Western notation, traditional Jiuta notation, and finally bunkafu tablature.