Learning maebachi and ushirobachi threw my form off

Hi Bachifolk! I was wondering if I am the only one having issues with maebachi and ushirobachi? I’ve been playing on and off for about three years (due to work) and I haven’t used the technique until recently. Now that I am trying to learn it it is throwing my technique off and the songs I used to play well and now a little sloppy.

Any suggestions?

Hey there.

I’m not exactly sure what you’re looking for, suggestion wise.

Generally speaking, if you want to tighten up your playing, well… practice. Tsugaru Jinku/Dodarebachi are great pieces for practicing the basic tsugarubiki technique.

Could you give me a better picture of your issues?

I know the message was pretty vague. I was wondering if I am just inept at playing, haha. All of a sudden, when I started practicing using both, I started missing strings with my bachi, hitting two at once, stuff like that. I think I am just a little frustrated, haha.

I think that was just me venting.

I know what you talking about exactly and you need to rotate the arm and this playing with your position of the bachi as well, so you missing the strings… Same here. As Christopher says - more practice required :sunglasses:

Thanks Alexey! I was really frustrated with this but you’re absolutely right! Give me a month!
Have you had the chance to play any of the notations I sent you? Do you need more?

Nope, not yet. I am working currently on 2 pieces: Akita Ondo and Kuroishi Yosare Bushi.
Also trying to get hold on the maebachi - ushirobachi thing.
I am sure you seen this video:

This drill helps a lot!
Also I found it is much easier to switch maebachi-ushurobachi positions if your hand resting on doukake is bare. It prevents it from sliding during the position change.

No I haven’t seen this video yet. Thanks for the link!! How’s the playing going? Any videos??

Glad it helps. Also there is Kyle’s videos “Body Mechanics of Tsugaru Shamisen”, 11 parts in total. A lot of info there.

As for videos - here the funny part: I have played piano for 11 years and should not have any issue playing on camera. Yet as soon as I start recording my performance I am making mistakes even I have played properly before. This shows how insecure I feel to play on public yet…

@Sashabg81 Here my try on Akita Ondo:

Still making mistakes…

Oh I know exactly what you mean. I play a song with no errors 20 times. As soon as the camera starts rolling it’s like I’m learning it for the very first time.

Hey fantastic job!! I am jealous that you know all the positions on the sao, I still use a fujaku for reference when I start hitting high notes. Great work Alexey!

Hah, I wish I knew the positions. Just mechanical memory. I do not remember the actual numbers, just the corresponding sound, so I have to use fujaku to learn new pieces.