Learning the Shamisen


Hello, my Shamisen should be here early next month.
Im wondering from experienced players, do you think one can learn to play with no master?

Sadly, I am in Austin Texas and there is no master around here to learn from…


I just started learning a couple months ago and I’m in a similar situation. Using Bachido for reference has been a great help. If you post videos of your progress members on here can give you constructive criticism.
That is what I’ve been doing and I’ve been making huge strides. Some of the members say I seem to have a knack for it so maybe you will too!


You can learn sure, but there are many traps/bad habits/ etc. that you risk falling into. A teacher can show you those things. So I think , at least at some point, you will need a teacher.

For example, many beginners use there finger tip exclusively, like playing a guitar. However you should be using your finger nail for a cleaner sound and better tremolo. This feels counter intuitive and it makes reaching across the neck harder, so without a teacher to show you, you might not pick it up. There are many other examples like this.