Left handed beginner help

Hello i am a beginner and i was wondering can you play left handed?
And do you need a left handed shamisen ?
I was alo wondering i am a student i have low income what model should i buy (i live in europe income tax is a real problem).

Sorry for my bad english writing

Welcome to bachido!

There are only 3 parts that make a shamisen right handed or left. The kamigoma, the azuma sawari, and the koma. The koma can be installed backward since it is made to be removable. So that’s not an issue.

The shamibuddy is right or left. And it is more affordable.
Kamigoma under all three strings and you make your own sawari. Kyle Abbott has a video on how to do this with a shamibuddy.

They are currently sold out like many things are right now but it is the least expensive and easiest left handed beginner shamisen I’m aware of.

If you don’t want to wait and are willing to spend a little more the beginner shamisen has no kamigoma or sawari device so it is also left or right hand.


Thank you for the quick response Karen.
I will wait for the shamibuddy to restock.
So i can just order the normal shamibuddy and play it left handed ?

You’re welcome

Sorry. I just noticed the shamibuddy kamigoma does need to be moved but it should be easy to do. Otherwise yes. You can put the strings on and the koma for left handed playing. The kamigoma should be moved to the other side or the smaller string might buzz.