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I just joined Bachido and I’m thirsty for tabs. i know I should focus on one song at a time to progress but I’d like to have other song as a recreation. Anyone know where I can find shamisen tab from classics like aiya bushi to yoshida’s brothers’ ?
I’m in France and I can’t find any site (except or book to order.

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You can find some resources on the web. Generally, you will be limited to traditional pieces for free. Their arrangements will not always match your expectations.

For free options, look here:

For free and paid, look here:

For paid and downloadable, look here:

You can find books online at various stores. Some of which may require you to import from Japan.

Rakuya has a number of books available. Some are focused on traditional pieces, others have modern ones too.教材・ソフト/

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About your question Brown answered it better than I could have done. :smiley:

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