Lets build a Biwa connection

Hi friends, Im want to connect with “Biwa-people”.
Last year I purchased a Heike Biwa in very bad condition. I decided to fix it, and when I open it, boom! It was an instrument dating back to the previous year of the siege of Osaka (1614). It has the name of the maker, notes on the first repair during mid XVII century and a latest samurai owner in the XIX. I decided it was too much responsability, and before I can find someone competnet to fix or tech me to fix it, I bout a broken chikuzen biwa (but in good state), for playing. I spent a month fixing it, remade a deck and learned about the sawari. Althoug I live in Japan, its being hard to find a teacher. I still couldnt find people in Nagoya(I know they exist), I found some in Fukuoka but they require me to meet them personaly before starting online lessons. So I started taking lessons from Hiraoka Yoko.
There is not much information online, the best source I could find was this web site Chikuzen Biwa The Instrument and its Music|BIWA BALLAD COLLECTION, and some random youtube videos (wich are very rare). I also contacted Doriano Sulis, the “living cultural heritage treasure”, he helped me a lot.
Its being 6 moths six I started my jorney, Im originaly a mediocre shinobue player, before, the only string instrument I could play was the vietnamese Dang Nguyet, I cant play shit with a guitar. But Biwa just comes out so easy for me I must say Im quite happy, and in love with the Biwa.
Anyone has partitures to share?

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