Long time since last login

It’s been a while since I last logged on to use some bits of the Bachido site. I seem to remember that the map was useful for finding nearby shamisen players, but now I can only find two pins in the UK, (I’m sure there were a lot more). Am I using it wrong, as I can’t seem to add myself either.

I didn’t even realise there was a map!.. I’m in the UK if that’s any consolation :slight_smile:

As I’m moving a lot I don’t actuallize my position. But right now I’m in Ireland.
(i’m quite sure that I’m the only one playing shamisen on this island…)

Not sure how up-to-date the map is. There are only two pins in the LA area, but I know there are way more than two players around here. I know of at least five or six, and I haven’t really had any time to network or anything.

I think this was reset when the site updated a while back. I just had a look now, and added my own location again. Here’s how you do it:
Sign in, or if you are already signed in, click on your avatar in the upper right corner of the page. Click on “Preferences” on the next page (it in the center, a bit down from the top). Next, on the far left click on “Profile”. Scroll down below “About Me” and you will see “Map Location.” Start to type your location in there; it will suggest some auto-complete addresses and you will have to pick the best one. Finally, scroll down further and click on “Save Changes”.


As someelse said 'What map"?
Gerry, thanks for the info on how to get on the map.
But how do I I view the map?
As for shamisen players in the UK. You might want to contact Hibiki Ichikawa (the only professional player/teacher in the UK) he my know of someone in you area.

Click on the menu button (three lines) next to your profile picture, and “Map of Users” is the fourth option on the left.

A thousand thank yous to Gerry_McGoldrick! I’ve been here for months and never noticed the map. :sweat: I updated my location (it was off by about twenty states :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) and hopefully other enthusiasts will pop up in the area. I can dream…