Looking for a Florida Based Teacher/Practice Tips


Been floating around the community page here for a little while but this is my first time actually posting. I first picked up a shamisen from bachido a little over a year ago while I was finishing my grad degree in music (viola is my main instrument) but never really had the time to commit to learning it outside of playing it over a weekend here and there. Now that I’m out of school I would love to dedicate a lot more time to really learning shamisen and I was wondering if anyone here knows of any Tsugaru teachers operating out of Florida at the moment or even just teachers online that will work with beginners. I’m definitely down to continue learning by myself with online resources but I also think having a teacher or mentor would be insanely valuable in the long run.

Any info is appreciated as well as any practice tips on fundamental techniques, bad habits to avoid, or tips on staying motivated!

Thanks for reading and stay hydrated out there.
-Justin Castro