Looking for help with learning "takeda no komoriuta"


i hope you don’t think me too insolent with asking the following question: could someone please play the “takeda no komoriuta” and make a video or just a sound sample for me to follow? i’ve tried several times for myself now but i just don’t get the timing. i would post the notation (out of a book) in here if it is allowed. otherwise i could send a copy via p.m. if someone offer some help to a shamisen-greenhorn … thanks in advance! kay from germany



I made a cover of the Yoshida Brothers’ version years ago. It’s not perfect and I missed some of their finer points back then, but the melody is pretty spot on. Idk if it will help you too much, but it’s something to start from. Their version is very slow, and you can adjust the playback speed on the vid to practice.


thanks a lot denver! i did not know, that is possible to adjust the speed of a clip at youtube, this lesson i’ve learned so far. now i’ll see, if i will manage the takeda lullaby.


this is where i am at the moment with the song: https://www.facebook.com/1272968696/videos/10216135896251480/