Looking for Tab or sheet music of kokaji 小鍛冶 Little Sword Smith

Has anyone seen either book or tab or video instruction of The Little Sword Smith 小鍛冶.
Thank you <3

It’s a lovely song. Maybe we should ask Kyle to make a lesson for the schoolhouse? :wink:

I see nagauta sheet music for it on Amazon Japan but the shipping is very expensive. :money_with_wings:

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I’m not clever enough that I’ve learned enough Japanese to really find online at this point. The shamisen books online via Amazon/Global Rakuten don’t always have the contents of songs.
I ran into a similar wall looking for Midare (Disarray) for Koto. The closest I found was transcribed for a guitar (played with a capo). Although I play guitar, not what I was looking for.

One of those impossible quests that is hard to do without more “where/why/how” to search with what is available online.