Looking to buy a ShamiBuddy Best Buddy Kit

Hi there. I’m new here. I was looking to buy a ShamiBuddy Best Buddy Kit to have it sent to Portugal, in order for me to start learning shamisen myself (it seemed like the most affordable option for me). I see that they are currently unavailable and I was wondering if there is any estimate yet as to when there might be more available?
Also, since this will be International shipping, could anyone tell me if there is indeed many instances of the skin becoming too damaged during transit?

Thank you!

Hi FilFran, and welcome.

I’m not sure when they’ll be available again, but I believe a while back @Kyle_Abbott said that a new model would be available in early 2021.

So my best guess is some point between now and June :laughing:

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Hello hello! Excellent question! Yes, I had planned to already have another batch ready by early 2021, but a brush with cancer put that on hold.

Fortunately, it was worth the delay! In that time, I upgraded all my machines and made a new building process (based on many lessons learned from the first batch), which means the new ShamiBuddy should take only half the time to make as it used to.

So, just for making the instrument itself, I believe I should be finished in June or July. However, that also depends on when I can get the accessories in stock. To make the price low enough, I have to buy a huge amount of accessories from my supplier in Japan. At this point, EMS airmail from Japan to the US is halted, and that’s the only method allowed for the big boxes which the accessories are shipped in. EMS has been blocked since May 2020, and I’m hoping it’ll be reopened in the coming months. But in any case, release of the ShamiBuddy will also depend on when I can get those goodies. If you’d like, feel free to sign up to the newsletter as I will make an announcement there when it’s ready. :slight_smile: - https://bachido.com/subscribe


Be sure to add those totals to the number of sweat and tears total shammies you’ve crafted :wink:

The workshop overhaul sounds like a lot of work, but the fun kind :grinning:.

I’m sorry to hear about the brush with cancer, but very happy that you beat it.

Hi Kyle! Thanks for replying to my query. I was sad to hear of your brush with cancer and I really hope you’re recovering well.
Thank you for taking the time to inform me of everything. Like you recommended, I’ll subscribe to the newsletter and wait for the chance to get my hand on my own ShamiBuddy :smiley: