Looking to hire a Shamisen Player


I’m producing music for an indie game and I need a professional shamisen player! I sampled Takahashi Chikuzan for a general theme I’m using right now, but I’ll need some original recordings for the final product.

Email jack@lunchboxentertainment.com for more details.


Jack Wink

Hey there, there are a few professional players bobbing around here and on the facebook group, depending on the genre you’re after. Let’s page the big man himself and see if he’s got thoughts.


Thanks for the tag, @Brown san!

Howdy, Mr. Wink! I’d be happy to take a listen and see if it’s in my wheelhouse. If you’re especially looking for the Takahashi Chikuzan flavor, I can easily record that in my studio. Also, Mike Penny (who’s done some great game music) might also be available.

I’ll send you an email now. Thanks! :slight_smile: