Made in Santa Cruz

I’ve been keeping tabs on the progress of the “Made in Santa Cruz” and crossing my fingers that it’s on track for August release—it certainly looks like it is on the Instagram feed.

Hey, Mr. @Kyle_Abbott, do you have an estimate for when they’ll be available to order?

Hi Marilyn!
I’m thinking it will be around September when it can be released, as I’ll be out of the country for most of August. :slight_smile: I just finished lacquering the 100 and they look even better than expected! :slight_smile: It will be worth the extra wait!

Major excite!

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So not until November? :sob: (They look beautiful. :heart_eyes:)

Any extras left over from Shami Camp? :angel:

(from the Instagram account)


Full steam ahead preparing the ‘Made in Santa Cruz’ shamisen for public release! Prepare for the official unveiling in about two weeks!

(Figured out how to link Instagram properly, finally.)

We :heart_decoration: updates.


‘Made in Santa Cruz’ Shamisen Update! It’s finally time to make the exciting promotional video! Together with Arthur Mok and Su Bunjamin, we had a very full and productive day of filming in scenic locations around Santa Cruz. Tons of fun, and even more delightful to celebrate with a flavorful dinner! #teameffort

Whoop, sorry for my late reply! There is still many left. I made 100, and we only brought 10 to BachiCamp. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is a date set for when they’ll be in the Bachido store? :angel:

It’s getting close! We filmed the promotional video two weeks ago and it’s currently being edited. When it’s ready, we’ll do the full official release! :slight_smile: (Hopefully… mid-November? Just in time for the holidays!)