Making a bachi from a hair clip

I did some research and found out that most hair clips were made from cellulose acetate. I could not resist making a bachi from it. Well, it wasn´t easy and I made plenty of mistakes along but it was fun and the result is ok :)))

After boiling and flattening, time to mark out the shape.

Melting the edges in acetone and putting them together. I actually came out pretty nice! I read that it takes 24h to dry and harden, but I guess it depends on the thickness of the material.

Cutting the bottom part in half. It takes a lot of concentration and patience. I must admit, both were gone after sawing and moving at a 1mm/10min rate… (see pic at the end, what happened)

I shaped a piece of birch wood. Glueing the pieces together. Since I don´t have any good clamps, I had to improvise a bit.

Taking the bachi from the clamping. Further shaping, sanding…

After sanding, buffing with a cotton pad and acetone to give it a shine.

Finished. Looks nice although good only for practice :blush:

And now the bloopers…
If you don´t concentrate enough this can happen while trying to saw a 2.5mm sheet in half - sawing through on one side.

Unfortunately, after this, I had to deal with one side being thinner and prone to cracking and creating all sorts of unwanted shapes :crazy_face:
IMG_1390m IMG_1391m

Hopefully, next time it will come out better! :blush:
Have fun building and experimenting!

Cool! Looks amazing even having some issues!
I am sure the next one going to be perfect :sunglasses:
As for cutting 2.5 mm sheet in the middle, I wonder if heated wire would do the trick better, like the one used to cut rigid and soft foam.

Hello Alexey!
Thanks! Yes, there is plenty to work on. Ah, the heated wire - that would make sense! I recently saw a video of how cellulose acetate sheets are made and they did slice them on a heated machine. I should definitely try that :slight_smile: