Making a doukake using a model

Wouldn’t it be very convenient to create a solid model of a dou that you can make an unlimited amount of doukakes on, so that you can play your shamisen while making them?

I’m not very much into this kind hobby creation, so if you guys have any ideas please share. I will try and find out what can be done.

Sounds like an good idea :smiley: hehhehhee waiting to create my own goddamn awesome looking doukake …(someday…)

Hey guys, take a look at this! :slight_smile:

I haven’t taken the time yet to read the Japanese, but the top box says it requires glass fiber, polyester resin and a hardening agent. And, of course, a doukake to use as a mold.

If you’re a good artist, you could make a lot of really cool doukake!

Good luck! :slight_smile:

Looks pretty cool. That is sturdy at least. But I must say, the first doukake he has in the first pic is out of this world in ugliness.

Haha! Actually, in that window, he says, “この胴掛けも汚れてきたな.

Which basically says, “This doukake is dirty/ugly, eh. I want a new doukake, but my… breast (also translates to purse, so could mean money/wallet) is lonely/desolate”. Meaning “can’t afford it”, I think.

That wallet had too much diarrhea into someone’s tip box, according to your book :wink:

Haha! Correct! :smiley:

poly resins are a little more dangerous than poly-u resins (i’ve cast my own bjd’s before) you have to be VERY careful.
I’d say that decent paper mache would be as strong and can be finished just as well and be safer.

I would like to have a custom doukake as well, and I was thinking that I could make one out out paper mache! Has anyone tried this?

Hello Lorraine. Yes paper mache is a good option for making your own doukake. Kyle’s book actually gives you step by step instructions for making one using a paper mache technique and it works quite well. For example here is one I made for the shamisen I’m currently building.

Thank you so much! I had admired this doukake in your other construction thread, and I think it’s the prettiest one I have ever seen. I loved your choice of fabric.

I have already ordered the book, so I’ll look forward to receiving it. And WOW, I am so admiring of the work you have done on your shamisen! Congratulations on all of your creations, you are a real artist! And thanks again for answering my question.

:slight_smile: XOXO

What did you use to glue the fabric to the paper mache? Also did you line your doukake with something?