Making notation?

Hello there!:relieved:

Well i had been wondering, what software usually people use to transpose into shamisen notation?
I need to get some Christmas songs :rofl: and haven’t found any notation, so seems i need to transpose :joy::sob: any help are always welcome​:revolving_hearts::notes:

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Hi. Musescore ! There is a beta version for shamisen. You will find a link somewhere in the forum !

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Hello. I use Frescobaldi, the GUI for Lylipond. You should include the addon written by Paul Battley for shamisen notation. You find It on GitHub or on his blog

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Here’s a direct link:

I’ve been using lilypond with the shamisen add-on “” It is text based but with the program Frescobaldi you can see what you are doing and it’s been pretty simple to use once I got the hang of it