Meaning of Kanji


Hello, guys!

I’ve been lucky to have an old shamisen, and I’m wondering about a meaning of kanji that written on shamisen parts. I recognized the same kanji on Sao and inside the Dou, the photo of Sao part is here:

I suppose it could be a shamisen master’s name or a workshop’s name.
What do you think?

If you are interested in more photos of this shamisen I can gladly share them.

Thanks in advance!



This is a very handy site for you :


Most likely a name.

If I’m reading the kanji correctly, it should be “登二” . Which can be read as “Touji”.


Thanks, Henk, for the useful site!
I also found this site for kanji recognition, you should have a skill of caligraphy to draw the kanji correctly, then it might be recognised by system and translated into english:

Hey, Christopher!
Thanks for suggestion of the kanji! Maybe you are right. Though I think first part of this kanji should look a bit different.