Media section in Bachido?

Hola Kyle - Recently you wrote about “have you seen the Oyama ryu books in the Media section?” Is there a media section on this site? Tx!

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Aloha Mr. P! There is indeed! Check out this page for all the hottest media this small world has to offer! -

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Arigato Kyle-sama!!!

And mega-blush on my part — a couple of years ago I did order the 3 Oyama Ryu scorebooks + CD from Bachido. Put them on a shelf, figuring someday I’d decipher the song names in the booklets (I just did that this evening, matching Kanji with transliterations).

Anyhoo thanx for the response :stuck_out_tongue:.

I was thinking of refurbishing another eBay shami with a busted kawa, so 1. do you still reskin samisens? and 2. do you know how to get geared itomaki’s?

All the best and hope you are avoiding the unavoidable (gee, that sounds non-Zen, doesn’t it? Perhaps just non-Sense?)

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