Hello! I’m wondering if is there a piece (is not tsugaru) called Michi. I think it is talkin about the wind. I know a rearrangement, but not the original. Maybe I’m apologizing. If does someone know the piece, could he/she provide me the lyrics in romaji? Thank you in advance!


It’s not a shamisen piece


Maybe the kanji for michi can help


Well the kanji is 道, and this is the most popular song by that name. It’s not traditional though. Could this be it?


Unfortunately, it’s not this song I’m referring to. Also, I really am disappointed with this kind of singer…


Michi is talking about spiritual sense of wind


I think this song had a thread on here before.

Do you mean that song from the animation movie Nitaboh? it was also called “Michi” . The Singer is Fujimoto Yae, if you look her up on line, she has that song somewhere in her references, but on her Wikipage it is only listed as “New Song; Nitaboh”.

I don’t know if you meant this, but it was the only one coming to mind.


Hello I’ll reply when I can here the YouTube video. Anyway, I think Nitabo isn’t a really famous anime, and I’m wondering if the singles are sold somewhere