Minyo - Hokkai Bon Uta & Nambu Tarawatsumi Uta


Hi all,

Just went to a Minyo restaurant in Tokyo and now I am hooked on these 2 songs and would love it if anyone has Shamisen notation on either of these?

Thanks so much :slight_smile:


I might be able to help. But I’m pretty busy right now. If you haven’t got anything until monday please remind me via pm. :wink:


I have tabs for Hokkai bon uta- I can email you.


Fantastic, thanks so much Cathleen and Martina. My email to send to is heyalex36@hotmail.com


Hi I am also looking for Hokkai Bon Uta notation. Does anyone still have them?


Hi Callisto. Can you pm you email, pls ? I can send it to you.


Will do! Thank you!


I’m not sure what we’re talking about… I know this will seem stupid, but…


Callisto just wanted the tablature to play Hokkai Bon Uta. Not stupid, no worries!


I know, maybe I erroneously wrote something wrong…


I read the thread really fast, this morning, when I was at school, really bored. Sometimes I cannot resist if I listen to people who have the joke when it’s not necessary, when the teacher is explaining or something


I have never heard of this minyl


Could anyone please send me the tablature for Hokkai Bon Uta?
Having a hard time learning it by earXD


Sure! Check your PMs.


Adding to the conversation. Was informed yesterday I need to perform Hokkai Bon Uta for an upcoming festival. :smiley: Who’s willing to share/trade sheet music? At the very least I need a good starting point. Thanks.


Check your PMs too! :smiley:


I haven’t heard these minyo, so I’m also sorry if there was written (maybe) in this thread… For this upcoming event, will you also sing the minyo? Sorry for my bare question


I am too looking for tabs of them, some japanese festival got me hooked up.


Check your PMs for Hokkai Bon Uta, I also have Nanbu Tawaratsumi Uta and will send that a bit later tonight when I have my books with me. :smiley:


Hello, would you be able to send me the notation as well? I would appreciate it very much!!! :slight_smile: