Min'yo shamisen (Short Neck) position markgins

I bought a min’yo shamisen as I loved the sound.
I bought a fujku strip for it, however it does fit, as it is to long for the finger board. I see that you can make your own position markers, I’m a total novice to this and haven’t clue of where to even start.

Total length of the shamisen is 95cm and finger board width is 29mm.
I hope is clarifies thing cause I need the help.

  • Go to the Bachido School tab.
  • Create an account. (free!)
  • Click “Browse All Lessons”
  • Search and select “Crash Course Volume One” (free!)
  • Click the “Curriculum” tab, scroll down to “Chapter 5”
  • Select module 17 “Position Markers”

Instructions in German:

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