Minyo Workshop in Montreal!



For the first time in Montreal, Kyle Abbott (Director of Bachido) and Aki Takahashi (Founder of Ten Ten) invite you to experience Min’yo at the JCCCM!

Check it out here! - https://www.facebook.com/events/600423606722446/600423610055779/?notif_t=like

On Saturday, July 19 at 2pm at the JCCCM, Kyle and Aki will be presenting a brief performance of Min’yo, Japanese folk music, featuring hard driving tsugaru shamisen and passionate singing. Following this, they will share their knowledge of this art with the audience so that everyone can enjoy creating music together!

Consisting of songs for work and of everyday life, Min’yo is meant to be played and enjoyed by everyone regardless of age, or musical background.

Tell your friends! Bring your shamisen, taiko, flute, or just yourself and your voice!


Will you be making an entrance on a moose?


My entrance with will be rolling in with jetlag. :wink:


…meaning you’ll just smile like an idiot and do whatever the people with the guns tell you to do :wink: