Modeling skin stretcher

I’m trying to design skin stretcher like the professional one.
Here is some screenshots.

Here the sizes of main table, i want to believe it can deal with tsugaru dou.


I’m planing to use a power of Soviet industry so it wouldn’t be a problem to make it from metal.

Looks cool. This is very similar to what I was planning to make except I am going to use toggle clamps. What software you using? Kompass? Solidworks? Are you planning to share the model?
I would suggest to use spacers on 2 screws guiding the clamps on the plate: this way you can make thru holes in the clamps, as to make blind holes the way you draw would be extreme difficult even for Soviet Machinist 8-), telling you as a mechanical designer and technologist.

Thanks for reply.
I,m using solidworks.
I will share the final version.

Also, I would avoid yo use extra long thread thru the clamp and use a cylindrical threaded dowel insert instead.
Something like this:

Yup, i have an idea how to build it without such long thread. Work in progress…

I see. Can’t wait to take a look at the final version! Good luck!

New clamps.

Interesting. So, you have decided to change the part holding the tension bolt. It was a very original solution (self-locking bracket).
The previous version IMHO was much more technological in manufacturing process…

Im trying to make it less cost to build.
Instead of bending 5mm sheet metal just cut 3 parts and weld it together.

I see. Welding indeed would be cheaper. Looks good otherwise.