Moved to Japan, recommendations on where to buy a Shamisen

Hey Gang,

Very enthused to get my hands on a Shamisen, just moved to Yamaguchi prefecture for work and just wanted to pulse the crowd on where might be the best places around to go try/buy one? I am really looking to get into a traditional instrument and this one just screams out to me.

Having built a few cigar box guitars and being a mountain dulcimer player, the sound and quirky set up of these beautiful instruments is a must add to the collection.

Glad to be here and thank you so much for your time.

Very Respectfully,

Hey there, welcome.

Most big cities in Japan have at least one wagakki store - if you can, try searching for it! If you can’t Japanese very well, copy/paste this and see what comes up.


Failing that, most stores have an e-shop front. Shamisen Rakuya and Muramatsuya (here in Toyama) are great options - the latter being more expensive usually.

Kameya or Katoh in Tokyo are popular with lots of folks here. Sansuien near Nagoya is excellent - and the owner is English capable.

And you can always buy from Bachido, of course!

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks, once quarantine is done I am looking forward to checking out a spot in Iwakuni. Nacho do is definitely on my radar as soon as inventory gets replenished.