Mute for Tsugaru shamisen

Hello guys!
Well lately i had been practicing with a shinobi koma, but still a bit noisy and usually I only have time to train at night lol.
So my GF gave me this today

Someone has experience with this mute?
I’m wondering if it can make issues on the skin :dizzy_face:

Hi! I’ve seen a video where professional shamisen players (KI&KI) recomended this item. It lowers the sound dramaticly in compatison to ninja coma. Sorry, cannot share the vid itself because it’s closed patreon content.

Late answer and I think you figured out if there is any trouble.
I use it and have no troubles at all, except that the plastic part tend to slip away while playing.
I fixe that with a rubber band that I put around it.
The other problem, it is frustrating to not play with the full sound. So once in a while, bother your neightbour for 15 minutes and remember how much you enjoy to express yourself. :smiley: