My dog ate my bachi... What's it made of?


Hi folks,

My scottie recently learned how to grab items off the coffee table, and managed to steal and eat part of my bachi (mostly the fan portion). Does anyone know what it is made of? I have the Faux-Bekkou Bachi, and it feels like it’s either a plastic or a resin. I’ll be taking him to the vet, and I expect the doctor will want to know what it’s made of.

The dog is doing fine so far, and managed to pass some of the pieces! Based on how much was missing though, I expect he’s still working on it.



Good news! The vet says the dog is fine, and most of the bachi has cleared his system. Even if the material is resin, it didn’t stay long enough to cause any toxicity issues as he digested it.

Now it looks like I’ll have to order a new one though (and maybe a lock box), since the plain plastic one just doesn’t feel right after getting used to the faux bekkou type.


Hi Dylan! :slight_smile:
Yeowch! I’m glad to hear that your dog is okay! It’s definitely a resin of some kind, although I’m not sure what it is. I assume his stomach acid melted the resin somewhat? The thought of the shards of bachi going through him (and coming out) makes me shudder!

Yeah, for the safety of dogs, cats and children, probably a lockbox might be safe. (I wonder how many instances of digested bachi there have been in the history of shamisen? :slight_smile: )


Dylan: I’m glad to hear you’re dog is doing ok! :grin: