My First Shamisen

I want to buy my first Shamisen and found this one

I don’t know anything about the intricacies of Shamisen sound, here it is being played:

Would this be alright as a beginner Shamisen?

I was going to purchase that one, but on the last moment i fell in love of the Bachido Raven shamisen, and order that one but the price diference is big, because that one includes all of the accesories and for the Raven you need to add almost thousand more for accesories if you want to get a nice Bachi…

The guy from tokyo lens say its worth it :thinking:

I purcharse from them the New, because they have a few 2 colored new that look really good (, but my experience was not the best, because I paid the Neo with some local shipping, then they contacted me for the extra international shipping charge but they double charged me again with the price of the neo and the international shipping, and they told me that they charged just once, so I contacted my bank for the refund.

Good thing for you is that when you purchase the shamisen the International Shipping its already included in the price you pay so I dont think you would have any issue :smiley:

Sorry for not being able to give you more information, my first shamisen is still to come :blush:

Thanks for the reply though!
I actually bought and I can’t wait for it to arrive.

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let me know how it goes once you have it :smiley: