My strings are making a scraping sound


Hi everyone!

I have a wooden bachi. When I perform the slip from thickest string to middle string it makes a horrible scraping noise. I was wondering if it’s the grain of the wooden bachi, my playing style or if it’s a normal thing. I was thinking maybe upgrading to a smoother bachi might help, but if it’s not the bachi itself I guess I need refinement on my technique.

Thanks for any advice.


Hello, my plastic bachi sometimes does the same thing and I read somewhere in another thread that it’s something that happens to plastic/wood bachi. Could also be technique though, perhaps vary the pressure you put on the string


Thank you. I’ll try.


It’s the same with me but one day it got REALLY extreme and I noticed that the string attached to the doukake to hold the doukake in place
(This is what I mean:)

kinda went into the gap between the Dou and the Sao and it made the scraping noise way worse, maybe something like this happened with your instrument too?? I really don’t know, just guessing…


Nah mine ain’t like that, so for now I’m just marking it down as my technique and trying to just refine it.


You might want to check if the edge of your bachi blade to make sure it is nice and smooth. I did some playing around with using carbon fiber as a bachi blade. Unfortunately, as the carbon fiber flexed, the coating on it started to develop tiny little fractures on the edge where it had been cut. These little fractures started to dig into the string, causing a scraping sound when I played. My solution was to give up on using carbon fiber :wink: , but your solution might be to just lightly sand the edge of your bachi if it’s rough at all.


Ok I’ll check. Thanks


I used to have a similar problem but the moment I changed to Bekkou bachi the sound started to became much more smoother


I kinda figured. I’m looking on where to purchase one but can’t find one.