Naruto series... shamisen?

I’ve watched couple episode of Naruto and noticed they have some kick ass shamisen tune.

I know I kinda disappeared from Bachido - I’ve come to discovery (no matter how many times I practiced - musical talents doesn’t exist in my blood)

  • some people are naturally talented.

Yeah Naruto has so many great songs with shamisen. I’ve always wanted to learn to play some of them :smiley:

Yeah the Jiraya’s theme is so good !

Maybe one of the virtuoso of the shamisen could play it ? :smiley:

Hey ! i could even play the riff on guitar when i have moved ^^

lol sorry for edit, i have many songs of the ost of naruto and naruto shippudden with good shamisen parts.

If you are interested tell me :slight_smile:

You need a shakuhachi player imo. I’ve listened to the songs but I feel that the shakuhachi parts are what really makes the songs. The shamisen mostly comes in as a great flavour, but the main melody is from the flute.

Ah effectively a Shakuhachi player will be the top !

Is there anyone who play in the bamboo instep of smoking in ? ^^

Yea I’ve noticed on several animes there were loads of shamisen in the soundtrack :slight_smile:
also there is a shamisen in some mmorpgs today~ I’m in the beta for a game at the moment which has shamisen in the backround.

Is not about being born with talent, sometimes hard work beat talent in my opinion.
I usually had the same thought, but training every day for a couple of hours, having fun, you can get good tho.

strong and strike is a good one too

im a big fan of this remix as well