Networking with Shamisen players/instructors in Los Angeles

Hi! I’m a shamisen/sanshin player in Los Angeles who would like to partner with shamisen instructor(s) on a special one-day workshop at McCabe’s Guitar Shop in Santa Monica.

The workshop is to raise awareness of the sanshin and shamisen for people that might be interested in learning these instruments.

I have spoken with the events manager and instrument buyer at the store and they are interested in stocking the ASOVIVA sanshin there at least, and would like to have this special event to gauge interest in Japanese music in Santa Monica and the Westside of Los Angeles.

Please reply so we can get in touch!

Thanks for your time!

Ayame, I’m not sure if you’ve gotten in touch yet but there are two phenomenal Shamisen players (at least that I know of personally) in L.A. Named Jamie Low and Mike Penny. If you’ve already contacted them then I hope you all find a good day to do your event in Santa Monica. In case you haven’t contacted them yet I would Definately recommend writing to them. You can send them messages right here through this website. Best of luck

Thanks for the tip! I will contact them ASAP.

Just an information, Ayame… But what type of shamisen do you play?

Ayame, let us know how that goes, such as if Asoviva sanshin and parts are put in stock. I bought some parts/accessories from Asoviva directly but it would be great to have a U.S. location to shop from. Kankara sanshin (metal can body) might also be a product of interest? Good luck!

If there is an event I would like to attend, Santa Monica is not too far for me. Please let us know!