New Beginner to a long journey of learning the Shamisen



I just got my first Shamisen!
I was wondering what is the best way to starts out learning the basic and pratice habits. I am from the U. S and not Japan so there are no masters here which I can study under.
I’ll be getting Kyle’s book as well as lesson plans here.
But in your opinion what is the best way to start the journey

Appreciates your thoughts and guidance


Hey Eliot! Welcome to the wonderful world of shamisen! You will find many useful things on this website, especially when it comes to learning how to play. Kyle (and other instructors here) are fantastic, and have been invaluable when it comes down to getting started. I recommend for the ease of learning to get one of Kyle’s lessons first. (check out the crash course to see how he teaches you). The other instructors are fantastis as well but I find that their teaching style requires you to know your sao positions (Frets) a little better.

Have fun! Play lots!



There definitely are shamisen teachers located across the US. Where are you located? Someone here may know of a teacher in your area.

Also, some teachers do Skype lessons. I know @Kevin_Kmetz has in the past and I think he still does. @Kyle_Abbott has in the past, too, I think, but not sure if he is still doing so. Maybe @Mike_Penny (who is my teacher, and is an excellent instructor).


I’m in Austin Texas!


A while back Kyle mentioned that he is working on bringing a BachiCamp to The Great State of Texas, so there are definitely some fellow Bachido members there. Not sure about the Austin area specifically.

Have you tried asking on the Facebook group!