New Monsters of Shamisen CD??? Wow! Something went wrong!


so after years and years of tense anticipation I finally received my 300 copies of Stellar… Or did I?


Hahahaha!!! Yes! It finally arrived! My long anticipated April Fools Day prank! Jokes on you! Man, it costed us all a lot of money, but it was worth it!

Just kidding, that actually is the new MoS CD. Near the end of production, I just decided to take our group to a whole new level. You’ll thank me later.

Just kidding. Truly? Yes. Nationwide Disc made mistake, accidentally send another box of CDs. I hadn’t realized that each giant box contained 500 CDS, so since we ordered 1000, that third box was 500 discs that we hadn’t ordered. It only slightly occurred to me when I counted up one box, but then I thought, “Eh, I’m sure Nationwide disc knows what they’re doing better than I.” So I let it pass. Whoopsies!

Next week, I will be sending you a box of Stellar I have along with the Resonance! Nitta san will do the same and we’ll all be even-steven!


Haha. You can use them as frisbees for the dogs. You will never have to worry about fetching them yourself again.




So did Young Shorty get 300 copies of Stellar? If so I hope to hear a Shamisen on his next album!