New Newbie From Munich

Greetings from Munich,

I thought it might be a good idea to say hi in between absorbing what free information for ebginners there is to find about playing the Shamisen and anxciously waiting for my own to arive.

Really looking forward to finally getting to try and play myself soon (hopefully), and to share the joy of traditional Japanese music with everyone here.

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Nice to meet you, Sani!
I am a newbie too :laughing: And were reading up on :sparkles: everything :sparkles: related, while painfully awaiting for my Shamisen. Hope you get to enjoy the joy of a fun challenge with your beautiful partner Shami soon!!

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Hopefully the wait won’t be too long, because as far as I could tell, the Shamisen will only have to cross most of Germany (Berlin to Munich).
It’s still feeling waaaay to long a wait.

Oh, a fellow shamisen beginner from Munich! It’s nice to see that there will be more shamisen players in the south of Germany too. I can only agree with the sentiment of eagerly waiting. I’m going to start learning the tsugaru shamisen this year (unfortunately, I have to wait until I can order from a Japanese supplier in April) as well.

You can speak with me in German too, I just wrote in English 'cause Bachido’s a global community.

Good to know there are others around ehre, even if we are all still learning

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