New NHK radio special "International Shamisen!" new Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Shamisen cover!


Hey everyone! So I’ll be going on the Radio this Saturday (NHK) to promote the International Shamisen movement and Bachido etc.
I’ll be playing a classical medley, the original theme from the anime DRAGONBALL and some traditional stuff fused with my original music.

It will be this sat. 5:45 pm.

In the meantime here is my latest Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Shamisen cover.
Hope you enjoy it!


Thanks, Kevin san. I am sure to wait right in front of the radio 30 minutes before the program tomorrow!!! So happy to know it in advance (^O^)
Carry Pamyupamyu play is cool and so does your short hair!!!


BUMMER! I’ll be flying somewhere above Honshu (Narita - Chitose) at the time of your radio show…


BUT, good luck!


Kevin, I think you are the only person in history who can and has casually ended a forum post with “Oh, here’s another Kyary Pamyu Pamyu cover, enjoy”

Someone should record this for us other people who are sleeping by that time.


Oh man! It’s doyoubi already! Time is flying! I’ll try to get my hands on a radio today! Super excited bro!

Speaking of super excitement, did you know that it’s your birthday today???


Happy birthday, Kevin san!!! I listened to the program all right. It was wonderful!!!