New player, a vet classical musician

Thank you for having me!

Aside from track and field, I chose music as my go to from the 4th grade until now. I am almost 40 and I am just beginning my Shamisen journey!

I grew up playing several instruments and the Shamisen encompasses the best of everything I played so I am excited, to say the least.

The Shamisen, fills all of these niches. Having played one instrument and learning more, you just find your way…

I ordered Kyle’s book which seems to answer my burgeoning questions and I just received a couple of non perfect Shamisen from Japan because they are chipped/etc. I will do a write up of each but sorry, no spoilers.

Thank you again for having me!


I have no musical background but just something about the shamisen . I adore playing it - welcome

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Thank you!

Feeling music finds us in one way or another but we all found ourselves here. I showed my dad my Shamisen from Japan and he spent an hour listening to music. He has played classical/flamenco since 1964 and he approves for the fact I finally found an instrument that does not feel like a chore (I have been playing other instruments for 25+ years and after 20 years of Christmas music or being asked to join cover bands, I was done. I found myself playing music for others and not myself so, here I am!).

I am excited for this journey and given my experience, I know this isn’t a foolhardy decision.

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