New Player From Spain

Just came back to to Spain as a proud shamisen owner after living for 3 months in Japan.

As a guitarrist I was curious about shamisen after watching Kubo and the Two Strings. In Osaka I had the chance to have a three lessons with a great teacher and fell in love with the instrument.

I’m now practicing the song I learned during the lessons which I don’t even know its name. This is the first page of the tab:

I also have a couple tutor books and a DVD in Japanese.

I am excited to be able to join the bachido community!


Hi there, welcome.

That’s the first movement from Jongara Rokudan (or Rokudan Jongara, or simply “Rokudan”). It’s a good teaching piece. Most of the phrases found in traditional Tsugaru shamisen are included.

Be sure to join us on the discord too :slight_smile: