New Shamisen Player!


My instrument came with busted skins and no bachi, and I’m the crafty DIY sort, so I’m making the bachi, and I have experimental plans for the skins :smile_cat: I’m going to try lacing them, instead of gluing, like a double-sided drum, using deerskin rawhide.

Then I get to learn how to play :smiley: I used to play cello, so I’m not TOO nervous…


Nicr and will check on a y progress you post. …


My preview window did not work earlier…nice to hear your ideas and will be glad to check on any progress you post! Sounds like fun for you…8)


Thank you Mari! I’m so happy to find this community, everyone is so supportive and encouraging, and there’s so much helpful information. I’ve been reading every post I can find to answer my questions before I post any of my own. And watching lots of youtube videos.

Anyways, I don’t want to hijack Mandi’s thread, so when I get around to posting photos I’ll start another :slight_smile: