New Site Issues (and link to original site)

Hey everyone!

As you might’ve seen, the sparkly new Bachido website has been rolled out and is experiencing a few issues. As we work on those, the original site is still available at Feel free to go there if you need to access your videos or such. :slight_smile:

Also, if you’re noticing any problems with the new website, please feel free to write them here so our fearless web designer can tackle them asap! (First on the list: fixing the slow speed!)

Thanks for your patience!


I’m revisiting some older courses (can’t leave them as incomplete! :smile:) and in the “Sakura” course I noticed that in Chapter 6 the navigation does not let you select the playthrough speed. You need to complete the “slow” and “medium” playthroughs to reach “fast” but then you cannot go back to a slower speed.

For me, who took a shamisen hiatus ( :sob:), and who sometimes thinks I’m ready for a faster version only to NOPE out after four measures, being able to access the slower playthroughs is important. Can that be added back? Btw, if I’m wrong and there is a way to do this someone please show me because I cannot find it.

Oh yes! I believe there should be a button in the top left which will bring down the chapter list, where you can select previous chapters (you can see that there’s several Chapter 6 tabs with the various speeds in them). It’s pretty hard to see, I’ve been meaning to ask the designer to make it stand out more. :sweat_smile:

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Ah, I see where I got confused!

The slow and medium playthroughs are Chapter 4 and Chapter 5. When a chapter is selected it is automatically expanded in the navigation and the previous chapter is automatically collapsed. I was hitting “complete & next” as I went through the course and not taking note of the chapter numbers. My mistake!

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New bug? :thinking: My “enrolled courses” load on my school page, but when I select the “continue” button (I’ve tried for Sakura and Yasaburo Bushi) I get stuck on the loading screen (blue circle). I’ve waited more than five minutes and no part of the page, not even the navigation, loads. I’m using a chrome-based browser for what it’s worth. (I’m currently accessing courses through the old site.)

Goodness, new bugs are flying up all over the place! I’ll tell this to the designer now. Thanks Marilyn!!

OR, maybe that’s a feature of the new tech in the web design - it knows when you’ve mastered the song and don’t need to practice it anymore! :smiley:

Hi Marilyn! Could you give the course another try? It seems the issue was caused by one of the wordpress plugins conflicting with another. Our fearless designer removed that plugin and it seems to be working from his end and my end as well. :slight_smile:

Tested it and the lessons are working again, thank you!

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Capital goodness!! :blush: