New Tsugaru shamisen came delivered with tenjin/pegbox split into two...use wood glue if no refund?



I just recently got a new Tsugaru shamisen…problem is,
the bloody thing came delivered with a broken tenjin (It’s split into two, so that the top part of the tenjin/gear box has come completely off, with two of the pegs on it while the lower peg is left connected to the neck!)

If I can’t get a refund, should I use wood glue to stick it back on?


I usually glue broken pieces back together with 2-part epoxy glue. Leave it clamped together for about 2-3 days and that’s that.

But if you don’t have the expertise and equipment, I’d just recommend you go to a luthier or violin-maker and they’ll do it for you. Costs around 40$, but worth it, if you might see yourself ruining the whole thing.


I don’t think it’ll be difficult to fix as it sounds as though it a clean split. agree with Jan that epoxy will be really strong. Myself I might use wood/carpenters/titebond type glue as it is possible to reverse it with heat if it isn’t perfect first go through. And yeah a luthier could do it pretty easily i would think.
good luck!