New version of Shamisen Composer! (+ more awesomeness)


Yo guys I’m tabbing up the ballad of Gion right now and I noticed the pause notation is no long in this version of shamisen composer. Has anyone else noticed this? Also I cant find the link to get to shamisen composer on the main bachido website anymore…is it hiding somewhere?


Ah yes. It’s technically still on the wiki page, but that currently got hidden during the site overhaul. Later on, we’ll be adding that back in along with a blog of some sorts.

In the meantime, here it is. (I’ll also have a link on the forum)


Is the program still online? I think the link isn’t working anymore T-T Too bad!


I’d also like to know if Shamisen Composer is coming back, but @Nonoctopus have you seen this thread?


Oh! Thank you so much!